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CPU Utility, Websock, Shadowsocks Crypto Mining Malware Removal

CPU Utility is a program generated by websock.exe published by Shadowsocks is a crypto mining malware which uses your CPU power to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero.

This mining malware comes to your PC whenever you try to install any type of crack keygen or patch.
Along with cracked software, the installer also installs malware on your PC.

CPU utility is a process caused by websock.exe which causes High CPU usages.
You won’t be able to end the CPU utility from task manager because there is a task schedule at computer startup named TaskXMR.

Whenever you start your PC this task start itself and run this mining malware.

How To Remove CPU Utility or Websock.exe Malware.

1. Check the all background process running using task manager.

2. Find the suspicious tasks and open the file location.

3. Note down the folders name.

4. Open Programs and Features, find the recently installed programs and uninstall them.

5. Boot your computer into safe mode and navigate to the folders which you noted in step 3.

6. Delete all such folders caused by suspicious programs.

7. If you are uncomfortable deleting these files into safe mode then download an antivirus.

8. I tried hitman pro and Unhack Me antivirus but they didn’t work.
The only antivirus worked was Avast Free Antivirus.

9. Downloaad and install Avast free antivirus and scan your PC, delete all found malware.

It should remove all existing malware from your PC.

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